Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo shoot

I knew photographing babies was hard, but I discovered today that it's really, really hard. Between patiently rocking sweet naked Henry to sleep, hoping he didn't pee and poop (he did, both), to arranging his little body in ways a half-asleep eight-day old baby doesn't want to lay - it takes a lot of extremely slow movements and quick decision-making.

But I love every minute of it.

Henry was my guinea pig today, as I hope to photograph more newborns in the future. It's best to start with your sister's baby, because she trusts you and because I wasn't shy about moving and bending her teeny boy.

It was meant to be just another quick shoot, but I'm happy with the results so I don't think I'll torture my nephew any longer. That doesn't mean I'm done, of course. I have big plans for a photo shoot with the new family tomorrow.


barbie said...

Wow! Great job!! I am so jealous of your camera:) he's a beautiful baby, love them all. I'd totally hire u if we lived close!

Emily G. said...

You did a fantastic job. He's so cute. I especially love the one focused on his hair. Their newborn hair is so precious and it often changes in the first few weeks. I love how furry his body is; it makes me realize how much fuzz my 7 week old has lost!

Faith makes things possible said...


Meg @ True, Good and Beautiful said...

You did such a great job! He's so cute-that hair is amazing!

Sew said...

Karey, can I do that with my lens??? The basic one that comes with the Canon Rebel?

I tried with Hannah but I was so exhausted and hormonal it wasn't happening. :(

OMGOSH! I could cry!

He is so freaking cute! Love the pics you did an amazing job!

Id cook for you, if you took pics of us! LOL

Julie said...

Love the pictures. I too enjoy taking newborn pics. In fact, I love taking pics of babies until they are mobile, then it becomes a little too much work for me, and at that time, I go for more candid shots!

Henry is beautiful and your sister is so blessed to have you capture these first few days on camera for her.

All in His Perfect Timing said...