Monday, August 9, 2010

Clara at eight months

Our little girl turned eight months old on August 1 and it seems like she's growing and changing every single day!

She's been sitting up for a while, calling Ryan "dada", and holding her own bottle and feeding herself (when she's in the mood). And while she's been mobile for a couple months now (back scooting, rolling across the room, and pulling herself along the floor flat on her stomach), she's now doing the "army crawl" which I've heard comes right before actual crawling. She also gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, seemingly unsure of how to actually move forward. Any day now!

Clara plays for hours on the floor every day and loves all of her toys, especially her little piano. But I spend a lot of my time pulling her back from going near everything she shouldn't! She is drawn to underneath our end tables, the brick on our fireplace, under her pack and play and just about anywhere I really don't want her to be!

She's also a total daddy's girl lately. I always say her favorite things in order are 1) my iPhone, 2) the remote, 3) her daddy, 4) my flip flops, 5) Sophie, 6) Jasper, and 7) her mommy. That's okay, I know she loves me too!

We'll be celebrating her first birthday before we know it (and that means baby #2 could be here too!).

Our friend Matthew was kind enough to do a little photo shoot with Clara the other day (which she was not too thrilled about), and the photos are below.

Happy eight months, Clara!