Saturday, March 3, 2012

Luke's biggest fan

Warning - Get ready for photo overload. 

We're are visiting my family in New York this weekend because my sister Caitlin's baby shower is on Sunday. And a trip to FP means lots of cousin cuteness.

I love taking pictures of my niece, Caleigh. She's so photogenic and beautiful, whether she's being serious...

Or silly...

And Caleigh happens to have a bit of an obsession with Luke. I've been told she says his name all day long, to anyone who will listen - "Loooooke!"

She loves her Luke. She constantly wants to watch videos of him and I'm always emailing my sister new ones for her. And she seems to love the mundane ones the most. Luke eating yogurt, Luke talking, Luke just being the adorable Luke that he is :)

So we were all looking forward to their reunion with great anticipation. Perhaps the two of them running with open arms to greet each other (we have to stop ourselves sometimes and remember they are cousins. And babies).

And while it was cute - they said "hi" and hugged - we're starting to wonder if she might love "Cyber Luke" more than the actual Luke (she's asked to watch Luke videos while he's in the room).

Not that you could tell from these pictures.


Because don't get me wrong - she LOVES her Luke.

And Luke can't help it. He's a charmer. It's a curse.

And what's a picture post without Clara doing some cheesing?

Baby shower pictures tomorrow!


barbie said...

You can tell Luke and caleigh are related..... Great pictures!!!!!! Beautiful kids!

JellyBelly said...

Those are some beautiful kiddos!!

Sew said...

She is very photogenic and stunning! :)

Great pics!

Julie said...

All three kids are photogenic! Cuteness overload!