Friday, May 18, 2012

Train watching

It's been a crazy week, and I feel like the last time I had a chance to breathe was on Mothers' Day. So it feels only fitting that I post some pictures from then. 

It was a beautiful day so on the way home from breakfast we stopped downtown at the canal walk, somewhere we've been meaning to take the kids for a while now. We'd never been before, so we had no idea it would be such an ideal place for our little train lovers. They were in their glory with not one, but TWO trains passing overhead from time to time. And a canal with passing boats! But, as you'll see, that didn't exactly transfer into smiles for the camera. 

Their coordinating outfits I found for them at a consignment shop. I'm pretty sure Clara's is a really good brand :)

These two LOVE holding hands, which I will never get enough of

The choo-choo!!!! They prefer to just sit and stare, in complete awe :)

Loving on daddy

Making a silly face, the only way we could get her to do anything but scowl

Yay! A smile!

We will definitely be heading back to this spot for its awesome train-watching (and because they love the tracks, which I swear they'd choose over the actual trains some days) . Are your kids into choo-choos as much as ours?