Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our boy

We have a full-fledged real live boy who lives with us now. His name is Luke and I'm not sure where he came from, because yesterday we had a baby.

He grew up overnight. His pants are all too short and his shoes are all too small.

And he's talking like crazy. And not just repeating words, but actually communicating, and sometimes even in sentences. He can say almost anything he wants it seems. Yesterday he asked Ryan to read him a book called "Hug" by saying, "" What? Weren't you just born?

We thought he'd be the silent younger brother of a very outgoing big sister. Not exactly.

He's also the sweetest boy ever. Everyone comments on that. He's just so good-natured and lovable. You just want to eat him up. Until you watch him steal toys from his sister, that is. She might argue that he's more like a silent assassin, smiling while he secretly torments her. 

Otherwise, he is a complete sweetheart.

And she loves him anyway.

He may be a big boy but he's not a year-and-a-half just yet.

He's got a couple months to go, so he's still a baby. 

At least that's what I'm telling myself for now ;)


Second Chances said...

Oh gosh is he sweet! Love his red hair!

Julie said...

So cute!

barbie said...

he's such an adorable baby! Yes I said baby, I still call Alana a baby and have a feeling I'll still be calling her that on her wedding day :)

Faith said...

Awww, he does look so old! But still a baby:). I will call mine babies forever and ever:).