Sunday, June 19, 2011


It is fast becoming my favorite word.


It is a different kind of "me" mind you, because it actually doesn't have anything to do with... well.... me.

There is something special about the way Clara and Luke pick up on the things we teach them. Obviously at 1 1/2, that is more apparent in Clara right now. She picks up her toys and books when we ask or will give Luke a kiss when we tell her to. She even has learned to catch a ball and very quickly picked up going down the slide in our new kiddie pool.

Videographic evidence can be found below:

But while there is immense gratification in her learning from us, there is something even more special about her learning on her own.

That gets us back to "me".

I have never taught her what "me" means or an appropriate time to use the term. Karey does not recall a time, where she did either. But the perceptive little munchkin has figured out that "me" means.. well "me!".

So now, whenever she wants you to pick her up or let you sit in your lap she waddles over and grabs your leg and whispers, in the sweetest voice, "me". As you might imagine, it is the most compelling argument ever uttered in the history of human existence. It is impossible to resist.

Especially when coupled by this look:

Now I get that this is probably not all a good thing. It is, perhaps, encouraging a degree of selfish behavior, but in addition to her frequent "me" requests, Clara also happens to be about the most generous child on earth. She is constantly giving Luke everything, including things he doesn't really want. She hands him toys, her sippy cup, stuffed animals and from time to time the lint or fuzz she picks up from the floor.

Overall I believe it shows the depth of her curious mind, the way that she is a sponge for the world around her and in particular, the way she is processing that information and turning it into a result.

As I look back on this post, I am realizing that in the grand scheme of the world this is a rather insignificant development. It is just one word, right? But I guess on this Father's Day I am reminded about the incredible gift of parenthood.

The simple is once again really significant.

And every significant step is leading to the incredible person Clara is and who she will eventually be.