Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Train tables rule

Karey's artistic talent is incredible. This we already know. However what she pulled off for Luke's birthday is perhaps my favorite creation.

This is what she started with:
A thirty dollar craigslist find.

An old "Thomas the Train" table with a beat up "Island of Sodor" map painted on the table top. Truthfully this would've have been enough for Luke, but not nearly enough for Karey. She told me off hand that she wanted to paint the table and turn it into a map of Richmond.

I love all things Richmond, but the thought of pulling off something like that seemed a bit much.

Once again, she defied my expectations. Check out this finished product:

She painted the entire table white and then painted BY HAND a map of Virginia's capital city. While you get an idea of how cool it is from this angle, the impressiveness of the map itself is not truly appreciated until you get the up close view.

You can clearly see the James River, Hollywood Cemetery, Broad Street, Monument Avenue and all the big bridges. If you know Richmond even a little bit you can tell what you are looking at.

I love it because I hope it will connect Clara and Luke to their home city. A city that has become our adopted one, but will always be native to them.

Of course, regardless of the impact long term.. this reaction was enough for Karey to think it was worth all the hard work.
Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!