Monday, September 26, 2011

10 months already

Luke is 10 months today! And what a month it has been.

After being labeled Failure To Thrive at his nine-month appointment, he has gained nearly a pound-and-a-half, bringing him up to 17 lbs. 13.5 oz. And that's after not gaining anything - not an ounce! - for more than three months! He is definitely a stair-step grower, if I've ever seen one.

He's getting to be more little boy, and less baby, every day. He's standing unassisted for a few seconds at a time, and will even take a few steps holding on to this dinosaur...

But that's only when I'm working with him on it. Otherwise, he loves crawling (which he does very fast!)

He also loves to put his hands in the air and say, "touchdown!"

Okay, so it's really only two syllables that sound close to tuh-duh, but we know what he means (mainly because he only does it when copying us).

In addition to saying "dada," "hi" and "cat" (and, to my dismay, only the occasional "mama"), he now also says "Clara," or rather, something more like "ah-ah." That l and r are hard!

Speaking of his sweet sister, he loves her as always.

And, together, they both love the newest addition to our family...

Ryan's new iPad! I saved and scrounged and asked his parents/in-laws to go in on it, and bought him one for his birthday. He loves it, but I think the kids love it even more.

They have a ton of their own apps, like flashcards, Elmo teaching the alphabet, and a very gassy dancing baby, just to name a few. Clara, already very adept with our iphones, can probably run it better than many adults, and I'm sure Lukie's not far behind.

(There's that face again!)

Lukie, you are getting so big so fast, and soon you'll be a year! You are one truly awesome little guy, who we like to call Bruisy Face, almost as much as your real name. I have a feeling that might stick.


Faith said...

He is SO darn cute! LOVE It! And he already has more words than Jackson, who is 13 months old! What a healthy, thriving boy:)!

JellyBelly said...

Happy ten months Luke!!!! That smile just kills me!!!!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

How can anyone leave this blog without a huge smile???

Abigail said...

YUMMY! Keep growing Mr. Luke. They don't let puny boys play football at Syracuse! :-)

barbie said...

Everytime you do a post about how old he is I'm stunned! 10 Months Luke! How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

ohmigoodness! He is so advanced!! Words!? Touchdowns!? It's amazing. Ezra has no words. Well, he says dada all the time, but I am not convinced it has a meaning.
I'd love to know your favorite i-pad baby apps. Ezra enjoys garage band -- he can bang on the screen and create music. I don't want him to play with the i-pad all the time, but my husband loves having it as back-up entertainment.

Karey said...

A - L does more watching than using so far, but Clara loves the PBS app that plays episodes of all PBS shows, and the free Elmo app, which teaches a,b,c (you've gotta pay for d-z.. haha) and lets them color. She also likes Music Sparkle, which lets you play some instruments (which reminds me now - Luke uses this one and loves it!), and My First Words- Flashcards is good for the really little ones as well. The dancing baby app we like is Talking Babies Everywhere Lite. It's pretty funny, but be does burp and fart!

These are all free apps, we haven't (and hopefully won't ever) ventured into buying any. Let me know if you find any good ones!

And as for L's words, I was pretty surprised but I'm wondering if it's from being around Clara? I don't know, we are pretty talkative people..haha. Maybe he's going to do it for a living like his daddy!