Monday, February 28, 2011

Luke at three months

Luke is three months old! 

He's getting big. He weighed in at 13 lbs. today at his three-month check up. Go Luke!

On a side note, why is it that I'm always rooting for my kids' weights to be high, like it's a test I've crammed for? I like to feed them a lot before we go and I get disappointed if I feel their diaper is heavy as I undress them for the scale. Keep that pee in! What's wrong with me?

So serious

In my defense, I'd like to think it's because Clara was born weighing three pounds and was only five pounds when we got her, and Luke's weight dropped pretty quickly after birth. I'm a mother of underweight newborns, what can I say?

His length was 23 inches, but the pediatrician thought the nurse just didn't stretch him out enough.

As for his development, he's starting to use his hands, batting at things in front of him. Lots of cooing, smiling (just not on camera!) and interaction. He LOVES his sister!

Just ahead for Lukie - introducing some solids next month, rolling over and let's hope sleeping through the night (more on that in a second)!

And the most interesting thing to come from this appointment? Perhaps that he's definitely got an outie! At least according to our doctor. I've heard they can change over time though.

We discussed Luke's sleeping - or rather lack of sleeping - habits with his doctor. He was doing great for a while, even taking naps and sleeping through the night in his crib in his nursery. But after about a week-and-a-half of that, he went back to screaming like crazy when we'd put him down and not letting up. I can tell the difference between a fussy, over-tired baby and a frantic, possibly-in-pain (probably-from-gas) baby. He's been the latter as of late.

See - he does smile!

So after pulling our hair out for a few days and me yelling about not wanting to ruin all the hard work I'd done getting him in his crib, I relented and decided we needed to go back to survival mode.

That's where we are now and it's fine. He sleeps in his bassinet for half the night (until waking up for his night-time feeding) and naps wherever he'll sleep (swing, carseat, bassinet).

Overall, though, he's such a happy, calm baby, which couldn't be more different from just a couple months ago! Treating his reflux has helped SO much.

Getting some fuzzy hair

Clara went along to the appointment so she could get caught up on her shots. Both of them did great in that department. Poor things!

Oh and we got some other big news today - Clara's adoption finalization court date has been set for April 15. We have a lot of paperwork, background checks, physicals and social worker visits to do before then, so we're really hoping everything gets done and submitted on time. Please pray for this process if you get a chance!

And no, we don't have to travel to Louisiana. At least as far as we've been told.

I'd LOVE to know what she's thinking about me here

Happy three months, Luke! We love you!


Amy said...

it is RIDICULOUS how freaking adorable he is! He looks soooo different from when I got to snuggle him in December!! I am so bummed because we are flying into Myrtle Beach on April 15th...I wish that we could be there in Richmond! But we can celebrate that following week when we will be all together! Yay! Can't wait!

Grace in my Heart said...

Adorable. And I absolutely love Clara's face in the last photo. She looks like she is about 3 yrs. old, haha! Too cute.

Abigail said...

So funny! I went to the doctor today for Baby Tess and had the same feeling, "hold that pee in girl and rock the scale!"

Luke looks WONDERFUL!

Just want to add extra support for that black-sliding in sleeping patterns. I've had 2 reflux babies and 2 non-reflux babies. Reflux really messes up their sleep.

SOOO excited about the final adoption date. Can you put a count-down ticker on your blog?

barbie said...

They are adorable as always and Clara's face in that last one is like mine when I read/heard you aren't coming to Louisiana for finalization! Poor me! :)

Totally have camera envy!

Tridentine Wife said...

I hope the finalization process for Clara isn't too chaotic and all goes well. I can't believe how big Luke is, so cute. and we were in survival mode those first few months. the twins slept in their boppies haha.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Sweet pictures. Love the look Clara is giving you!

Maybe I missed it, but what camera did you end up getting? I may be getting one for my birthday . . . IF I can decide.

Karey said...

It's a Nikon D3000. It's like the newer D3100 but without video. I love it! Easy to get great pictures without trying too hard, which is what I needed because I don't really have time to learn a manual right now.