Friday, May 28, 2010

This is really happening

I can’t believe I am actually typing this.

After 5-and-a-half years of trying to conceive and the adoption of Clara, I never thought I’d share the news that my wife was pregnant.

But guess what?


That is right. Our family, which for a long time was only made up of two people, is going to double in size in less than a year. Our new addition is growing on schedule, ready to join the world the first week in December. It will be only a few days after we celebrate Clara’s first birthday (but, of course, he/she could come early too).

If you are doing the math, that makes Karey three months pregnant and into her 2nd trimester. As you might imagine, after everything we have been through we were very guarded in releasing the news. However, we’ve had two ultrasounds and a few doctors appointments and everything is moving ahead just the way it is supposed to. That includes Karey feeling rotten for the last few months, while at the same time caring full time for a very active infant.

We are still adjusting to the fact that we are no longer an infertile couple. As hard as it has been, we would not have traded this experience for anything. This new development makes it even more clear that God had a very special plan for our lives, our marriage and our family. It was the only plan that could have connected us with Clara, and while we don’t have scientific proof, we strongly believe her arrival, and the joy that Karey experienced ever since, may have been the missing link to her finally conceiving (that, and several surgeries throughout the past five years).

It goes without saying that we feel incredibly blessed. As much as you probably think you’ve heard that once someone adopts they get pregnant right after, it is incredibly rare. We were overwhelmed with how much Clara changed our lives. And now with this new addition, we honestly can’t put it into words. I feel like I won the lottery, was elected President and discovered a buried treasure under our house.. all at the same time. It truly is an embarrassment of riches.

To answer your questions before you ask:

*We don’t know the sex yet, but we will find out in about seven weeks.
*We are pretty committed to a boy’s name, but we are still in a contentious debate over a girl’s name.
*No, we won’t tell you those names yet.
*Yes, we are considering dumping my beloved pickup truck in exchange for a minivan or something along those lines.
*Currently the most creative name we have for the child en utero is “Baby #2.” Any suggestions are welcome.

So check back for updates and baby bump photos!! Yes.. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

Meanwhile enjoy this photo that we never thought we'd be able to post. Especially not so soon:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I know I am running the risk that no one outside of our immediate families will find this humorous, or be able to sit through the entire thing, but as her mother, I am thoroughly amused with Clara's attempts at making a raspberry noise. The sweet little thing tries and tries, never exactly getting it just right. But she's so adorable doing it!