Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New baby, new blog

Since we are starting a new chapter in our lives - and because our friends and family aren't too happy with the slow pace of our picture posting on Karey's other blog - we figured it was time to start a new blog entirely devoted to everything Clara.

So what better way to start off than to give you what you are demanding - baby pictures!

Clara, wearing a hat Karey's mom knitted for her.

A better view of the hat, which is supposed to be like neapolitan ice cream, with cherries on top!

Sophie rarely acknowledges Clara, so this was a rare moment.

We got two deliveries in the mail today for the nursery - new drapes (clearance at Pottery Barn Teen) and rug (Karey is obsessed with the rug!)

Clara is now eating 3-4 ounces at a time, up from two ounces just last week. She is definitely growing!

Clara turned seven weeks today. Doctors believe that she was eight weeks early, so that means next week she would have been due to be born! It's amazing to think that she should still be in the womb. She is doing incredibly well and, really, it seems like her size is the only indication of how early she was. She is completely healthy. What a miracle!

Everyone comments how much bigger she has gotten since we first met her. She is now fitting nicely into her preemie clothes, which were big on her last week. She was five pounds two ounces at her doctor's appointment eight days ago, so it's entirely possibly that she could be six pounds by her next appointment on the 25th.

We just had a great visit with Karey's parents, who were so excited to meet little Clara. Ryan's family visited when we first got home (and set up the nursery, I might add!) and then Ryan's mom stayed on to help out Karey. We can't wait for everyone else to meet her! We are so excited for everyone who is coming very soon - our friends Gina and Troy, Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe, Aunt Caitlin and Jordan, Karey's Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan, Barb and Whitey are stopping on their way south, Uncle Ronnie might be planning a trip... anyone I forgot? Oh ya...Nicole, D (who she has already met once), and baby L. Everyone is welcome!

We also want to thank all of you who have helped us out in so many ways. So many of you have sent beautiful gifts (if we had started this blog sooner, we could have posted pics of everything we got, but things have long since been laundered and put away), and others have donated so generously to our adoption fund. And our families - we don't even know what to say! You have all made this possible and to say we are eternally grateful is an understatement. Thank you!


Lea said...

My heart is filled with joy everytime I see pictures of you with your beautiful daughter. Such an amazing blessing! I look forward to following your new blog.

Cathy said...

THANK YOU for starting this blog! This world is such a sad place, but a picture of a precious little baby is a light in the darkness.

Totally understand about the baby blog. It's the ONLY way my family (1000 miles - and some further - away) gets to keep up with our daughter, and since I'm too lazy to keep a journal, it's a way of remembering milestones, etc.

And that hat is rad!

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Love the new blog and all the pictures!!!! We are dying to come visit. It's going to be wonderful to meet Miss Little Clara!!! Xoxo

Sew said...

Great! I can't wait to see more pics of her!

She is going to meet your Aunty Sew Feb2nd!!! :)

The hat is adorable!

A said...

LOVE your new blog! Will definitely bookmark it! Will you be posting on AYWH again? (i.e., should I ever check that, too?)

Shannon said...


Grace in my Heart said...

Love the pictures, Karey! Your mom did a great job on the hat- very cute! Little Clara is a sweetheart! I can't wait to see her again soon.

callmemama said...

Love the new blog and all the pictures! That is just the sweetest little hat :).

Right Said Red said...

She is adorable, and your mom is very talented. Can't wait to see more pictures of Clara. I think of her all the time when I get up at night with my baby Claire (3 months). I just love her name! My daughter Gianna (age 5) always calls our Claire, Clara, because "that is what they called St. Clare." I often wonder if I should have named our Claire Clara instead ;-)

I hear you might meet B-mama (my college roomie). If I'm ever in the area visiting her, maybe I will get an opportunity to meet your sweet Clara!

B-Mama said...

Little Clara continues to spread smiles to our whole household. Even the boys stop by the computer to comment what a cute, sweet baby she is! Her with the neo hat and cherries is just about too much. Edibly cute.

It would be so fun to meet up with you all when Shannon comes down to visit! Let me know if anything is in the works to welcome her...

Mrs. Mike said...

Love the new blog! The pictures are much appreciated! ;) My is Clara just getting more beautiful to behold each time I see a new pic. You are truly so so blessed!

Adoption is an amazing, beautiful, wonderful and *healing* thing, isn't it?

All the best to you, Ryan and Clara!

Kristin said...

I am so excited about your new blog! I started following your original blog 2 years ago as a fellow Catholic women struggling with infertility. Now, 2 years later, we both have children and I am so excited to be able to continue to follow your journey! Clara is beautiful and you look so natural as a mother. Enjoy every moment! You are in my prayers.

Karey said...

Right Said Red - You better let me know if you're ever in Richmond!

And B-Mama - when is Shannon coming (or I guess I could ask you, too, Shannon!)? I am getting excited now!

Kerry said...

gorgeous, gorgeous! Thank you for the new blog, will follow your journey on both.

And, like Right Said Red, (my friend in real life) would love to meet you. I'll be moving to northern VA in a few months, and hope to go to Tepeyac. Had thought I may see you there, in the waiting room or something. Now, we'll see.... Maybe Right Said and I will have to drive to Richmond together. :)

Katie said...

Yay, now I can leave a comment!

I am excited to follow you on this new leg of your journey.

Lisa said...

Love the new blog!! I'm sure it was difficult to have your parents leave. Call if you need something...day or night. I am here to help and close by. Just let me know!!

Love the beautiful pics of Clara...she is such a beautiful baby and proof that God has a way of making His own plans for us all.

Hope to get to visit again soon!!

David at Front Porch Babies said...

she's so cute, she's an angel sent from above.

Anonymous said...

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